Hello and welcome to Abiding Ways Ministries!

Thanks for checking the site out!  I hope you will find something beneficial to your continuing walk with our Lord Jesus Christ!

If you are not a Christian, please don't let that scare you away! It is my prayer to be able to offer anyone the opportunity to learn more about Christianity, God, Christ and the faith and practice of Christians.

On the sidebar you will find a link to my blog. "Along the Way" is where you will find snippets and insights of my own faith walk and the many things my God is teaching me. 

It isn't much now, but I hope that you will find something useful.

Due to  major hacker attack, I am in the process of rebuilding. I hope you will check in and see what we're doing. I'm currently anticipating that we will be back up right after the new year, if not before.

I hope you will take the time to browse the site and join us for our first study.  We will start in the book of Romans and there will be a few different ways to do the study.

Yours in Christ!