27 Sep

Atonement, Change and Calling

I’ve been MIA again as I adjust to a multitude of changes, a plethora of personal issues, and most of all a lot of bad choices. My apologies to those who have signed up for the 3D Online class. It IS on the way – just so terribly behind schedule that I am ashamed.

The last few weeks have left me with so many questions and silence from God on most, if not all of it. Admittedly, I confess that His silence made me angry and frustrated and so, I began to slip out of my devotional and prayer time..NOT RECOMMENDED. So here I am, trying to get back to who I am.

Tomorrow (or more correctly tonight at sundown) is the beginning of the solemn Jewish holy day Yom Kippur. You may know it also as the “Day of Atonement” The text is Leviticus 16 for those of you who may be interested.

Being a Jewish Christian, I still set this day aside for fasting, prayer and a mitzvah, or “good deed”. In the past, I used to grow my hair VERY long and the day before, would get it cut and donate to Locks of Love. In more recent times, I will give to the local foodbank or volunteer somewhere when possible, or just look to the Lord to lead me where He wants me.

Please keep in mind that Yom Kippur, I believe, was ordained by God for the Jews and pointed toward Jesus as the One Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. (Read Hebrews 9-10). It is a personal choice and calling that I return to my ancestral heritage, to honor God and that heritage. Blessedly, as Christians we are no longer under the law!

This year, however, with the many changes in my routine and a lot of family issues on my heart and mind, I hope to just get back to who I am. In the midst of all that has transpired in recent weeks, I lost sight of God, wandered away (or maybe RAN?) and found myself in a pit that seemed almost impossible to climb out of. And then last week I was confronted head on with my behaviors and actions in a message by Pastor Craig. It was one of those times when I felt like God was talking to me, and spanked me, hugged me and sent me to “time out”.

So, as I prepare my heart and mind and spirit for reconciliation and return to the joy that is found in relationship with my Lord, I ask for your prayers, your forgiveness if I have let you down in some way.

I am back to serving at LifeChurch Online 3 days a week. Hope to see you there!

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