03 Oct

Adjusting to change…

This has been an interesting week! As I continue to adjust to the changes of life and the heart pains of the struggles of my loved ones as well as my own, I have been reminded over and over that God is the same all day, every day! (Heb. 13:8)

I spent Monday in serious self-examination…a scary thing for sure…and came to the major conclusion that I needed an attitude adjustment! So, fine, a good place to start, or so I thought initially.

Later in the week, with few exceptions I fell back into some of the less satisfying but most time-consuming activities since the changes and for a time, remained there. How easy it is to slip back into negative behavior, and the self-recrimination that comes with doing so! So much for adjustments.

Thankfully, the Lord has shown me much from His Word this week about His promises and that His power is made perfect in my weakness. And just how weak I really am, especially when I forsake my personal disciplines via procrastination and prayerlessness.

Much of my reading has been in Romans this week. Such a rich letter! In it there is much to meditate and ponder as well as practical instruction, especially for this prodigal daughter!

During this adjustment period it is right where I needed to be! So much of the “basics” with practical instruction that just happens to deal with much of what I’ve been struggling with.

At the heart of the entire letter is one passage Rom. 1:16-17 and as I read this, I had to ask myself seriously how much I believed that I was forgiven? Further reading throughout the week assured me that I am, for even though I was in lackadaisical fellowship with my Lord, I hadn’t lost my faith in Him. And as previously cited in Hab. 2:4 and throughout scripture-our faith, weak as it may be, is counted as righteousness in God’s sight.
In one of the devotional commentaries that I use, the writer explained that this means that when God looks at me (even when I am hiding, He sees), He sees Jesus-the perfectly obedient example of righteousness! He doesn’t see my straying off the path, or the stubborn neglect of quiet time, or even the laziness inherent in my running and hiding in television. All He sees is Jesus in me!

How marvelous is that!!! And what a catalyst for the heart-wrenching desire-to change my attitude, my outlook on life as it is and to look ever more devotedly to Jesus.

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