31 Dec

Farewell 2009

Can you believe it? This year is ending and a new one is beginning in less than 12 hours (EST)! As is my practice, I spend this day reflecting on what has passed and looking with sweet anticipation toward what 2010 will hold for me.

I know I haven’t blogged for quite awhile. The many changes, inside and out, that life has brought left me speechless. As I will soon be celebrating my 57th birthday, I have had to recognize that there are just some things I can’t do anymore. The bones ache and creak, my health, while generally good, needs much more attention and Lord knows that as much as it hurts 30 minutes of exercise everyday is the best way to stave off the inevitable aging process.

Being out of work and not able to find work has been a trial. I praise God for the loving support of my husband, family and friends. I am truly blessed beyond measure! Why, even as I write, two of my grandchildren are nearby! And because of their visit, we had our very first LIVE Christmas tree with all the trimmings, that heavenly evergreen aroma and even the joy of the mess!

Being out of work has also had some great benefits!!! With more time, I have been blessed to serve more often at my church – Church Online !!! Talk about blessings! With serving came new friends, some opportunities to mentor others, and most of all a closer walk with my Lord and King!

Looking ahead I have a few goals. One is to really WORK on my ministry – Abiding Ways . For the few who have previously signed up…please forgive my extreme negligence. After the family departs for home, I hope (and please pray) to implement all that God has shown me to do. While the concept has been “out there” for years, I often allowed the circumstances of living in this world to overcome my desire to teach. THAT is going to end-God willing. My “word to live by” for this year is INTEGRITY. I pray God will hold me accountable to this aspect of character.

Another goal that I really would appreciate prayers for is to quit smoking! Sadly, this is on my goals list every year in recent times and it is long past realization. My “quit date” is on my birthday (2/3) so if you and I should have contact—ask me how I’m doing, OK?

Other lesser goals include getting rid of some of the clutter around here; actively doing what it takes to get/keep my diabetes under control (and going to the M.D.); actively pursuing my custom built Bible Studies plan and grow in grace, knowledge and understanding of my God and His Word. After all, how can I teach others effectively if I don’t learn it myself? Lastly, I will again attempt to read through the Bible every day this year. My Logos library has a devotional that I’ll be using.

Finally, my verse to live by is Micah 6:8 and do what the Lord requires of me.


Numbers 6:24-26

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