06 Oct

Purpose, Prayers, and Expectations

As I sit here looking at my firstborn, I was reminded earlier today in a guest post on Marc Cortez’s “Every Day Theology” that “This is my child, made in the image of God, called for a purpose.”
My baby boy’s condition is slowly but surely improving and many of my initial fears have been relieved to some extent. Realistically, I know that this can change at any time but being the optimist and woman of faith that I am-well, I choose not to go to that dark corner of my mind.  Sometimes it’s not as easy to do as I would like but my faith in God, the strength He provides through the many prayers and support of so many get me past those moments of weakness!  
One of the things that I’ve learned about myself is that I have hidden more scripture in my heart than I thought!  My daily morning walk from my “pod” (what I call my efficiency room) is my time of prayer and recalling and relying on the many promises of Scripture. And you can bet that I’m reminding the Lord of all those promises too! : )
I do seek answers and wisdom…especially as to the WHY. I am sure God has his reasons – and my mind fills up with many of the possibilities.  As I’ve stated before, I’m wondering why the Lord, in His wisdom,  thought I needed a refresher course in patience.  THEN He reminds me that maybe the lesson isn’t for me, but that I’m here to help someone else through the lesson. 
Most of all I wonder what God has planned for John. Today, things are looking up. The fever and infection appear to be on their way “down & out”. That being said, the “what’s next” bridge is getting nearer.  I’m praying for a complete and total return to health for him. Of course that’s what any mom would do. Until they can assess the damage the stroke/aneurysm caused-well, we just don’t know. I AM sure that he is cognitively still my son. He’s moving a little and that is good.  I know that regardless of these things that he’s going to need physical therapy. What I know most of all is that NOTHING is impossible for God. So I’m expecting miracles.
James 5:16 is my verse for today.  Please remember my son John in your prayers! Thanks!
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