08 Sep


Got your attendion, didn’t I 🙂 . Of course I’m talking about the unofficial end of summer.

Kids are going back to school, the leaves are starting to turn and the days will soon start cooling off. My mom used to call September “sweater weather”, though as of yet, it isn’t happening. It’s going to get up to 93 today here!

Our summer was especially busy and full of fun, laughter and best of all-FAMILY!

It started way back in early May, when we took our annual sabbatical to the island paradise that is St. Martin F.W.I. Who can complain when there is lots of sun, sand, and umbrella drinks during the day and some of the Caribbean’s best cuisine.

The end of May saw us at a family gathering, then in late June our grand-daughters, 13 and 17 visited for three weeks! We did quite a few NYC tourist things as well as a trip to the Catskills for a July 4 family/friends gathering and barbeque. We also traveled to Annapolis for the weekend-again with family- and lots of fresh crabs and great company… and brought back a guest for some extra added teen experience-our niece! The girls departed and husband returned to work and I worked on “post teen home recovery”. Actually it wasn’t that bad, but so much gets put off to the side when more important things are happening. In August, we attended the 90th birthday celebration of my beloved’s great-uncle. What an awesome time it was, too! Needless to say, we did a LOT of family stuff over this summer and I loved EVERY minute of it.

Now that the house is more orderly, I’ve tried to get back to my routine. I retired from serving at LifeChurch-Church Online so that I can write more, and work on Abiding Ways .

…and speaking of Abiding Ways…
My webhost is no longer using my former development platform so I’m in the early stages of a total revamp. As you can see, I’ve already switched to Word Press for my blog, and now to learn a different development tool! Right now, I’m planning a “Ladies Only” LifeGroup (small group) using the SOAR materials provided by LifeChurch and written by Amy Groeschel et al. Check it out and if you’re interested, or would like more info, email:cole.donna@gmail.com . More details as it gets near, (thinking week of Sept. 20 for a start)

I’m still thinking and praying about what other content I might put up there. One is a weekly “Quick Study” utilizing the “Not Your Average Bible Study” series which can be found in “Bible Study Magazine” and/or my Logos software. And of course, blogging. So, look for an announcement of the “new and improved” Abiding Ways.

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged. As you can see, I have not been idle. Starting next week, on select Tuesdays, I will be sharing my thoughts on the news, society, culture and of course politics. Early as it may seem, “election season 2016” is upon us. As this is the first Tuesday in ages that I’ve blogged, my comments are just this. If you’re not yet registered to vote DO IT NOW! Unlike JESUS, we are blessed to have a say in our government-don’t waste it!


Hope you'll share with others!