25 Jun

I’m Ba-a-a-ack!

I said I was going to take Holy Week off but it has turned into two months without a single word written here (or anywhere else!)

April I was feeling pretty icky.  I have a condition called gastroparesis which, at times, causes extreme pain and discomfort. It also depletes my appetite due to nausea and it’s liquified “friend”. THAT in turn makes me pretty tired and weak! So, what do I do? Go to the beach of course!
Our annual trip to St. Martin FWI began on May 2 and I had two glorious weeks of rest, relaxation, reading… oh and did I mention sun, sand and lots of sleep? During our time there, we learned that a puppy was available soon after we returned!
While we often talked about getting a dog, our work and travel kept us from committing. Now that I am retired and travel is much less, we decided to take the leap. While in St. Martin, the breeder sent us photos of available pups-and I instantly fell in love with the one that appeared to have attitude! No wimpy dog for me!
This is the first photo of Chuck I ever saw. See the "attitude"?

This is the first photo of Chuck I ever saw. See the “attitude”?

The week after we came back there was a wonderful family gathering in the Catskills! Too much food and wonderful company and lots of fun catching up.
Memorial Day weekend we met our little guy! Keep in mind that my beloved daily reminded me how many days til “Chuck”, the name we picked out! His full name, Sir Charles Roscoe Madison Cole III; by necessity, was quickly shortened.  He is a beautiful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and now rules the roost around here! Needless to say he turned our once serene household into joyful chaos.  He’s totally upended any routine we used to have as our world now revolves around him! …and it is good!!!
The second week of June we celebrated with our cousin and family on the occaision of her Bat Mitzvah. Again, in the glorious Catskills. During that time of more food than you can imagine, lots of talk, and so much love! And Chuck was a total crowd-pleaser.
So, I think that catches you up with all I’ve been doing while I haven’t been writing a blog post for your consideration.
During this lenthy hiatus I had lots of time to think, to ponder, and pray about what’s next. I questioned whether having this blog and really working on Abiding Ways was where the Lord wanted me. During this delightfully busy time I wondered if this is how I was supposed to spend His time.
Well, I am writing so you can see I got an answer. I also recieved a bit more direction as to where to go with the site, the blog, and serving our Lord through it.
In the beginning AWM was conceived to be a “teaching” site. And somewhere along the way I found myself heading in a different direction. I got so obsessed with politics and the presidential election that I stopped seeking to learn myself. I’m excited to say that while this blog will continue to address biblical perspectives on social and cultural issues, I’m hoping to focus more on the initial impetus of this work in progress. Also, to get back to work on writing a book or two and lastly and predominantly to share through teaching what Scripture says.
I’ve always gotten a bit perturbed by biblical illiteracy. Too many believers hear only the Sunday sermon and occaisionally read a Psalm or paragraph without true meditation and application. It is my hope that as I grow Abiding Ways and write about the Word, biblical insights and yes, what JESUS is showing me “Along the Way”
Stay tuned!
Hope you'll share with others!