22 Jul

Fear = Hopeless!

Again, it’s been quite awhile since I posted… I guess all the stuff going on really got to me and to be honest… just couldn’t bring myself to write about anything. Indeed I was feeling hopeless… losing sight of my HOPE.

Even as I write today, another mass shooting has occurred… this time in Munich, Germany. I can’t fathom why anyone of any faith would think that murdering anonymous, innocent people benefits their “cause”. I try to understand and reason this out with our Lord but truthfully, of late it just hasn’t worked for me. Admittedly I’ve been going through a crisis of faith, wondering where God is in all of this and starting to wonder if He’s there! And if He is, why isn’t He doing anything to stop this!!


The FEAR Idealology here at home (in our politics) and abroad has started to become the norm and that scares me to no end. More than these fear tactics of mass murder and “be afraid, be very afraid” that is on display has even overtaken many of those who say they are JESUS followers. And listeners of those that tickle their ears to inflame totally self-serving perceived needs and gloom and doom.

Here in America it is no different than what I suspect is the ideology of ISIS in many ways. Terrorize the masses into submission so I can be the all great and powerful savior of humanity…oh, and get richer and more powerful in the process! For years I’ve tried to promote faith, hope and love but we all know how that works.  The squeaky wheel gets the grease-and the media attention. It has often been said of the media that blood sells newspapers…extend that to news coverage in this age of 24 hour availability and the anonymity of bloggers and social media and you start to grasp the “why” of how we got here.

Right now, I’m on the road, in Las Vegas visiting with my family and friends I haven’t seen since I left 20 years ago! Having a blast and prayerfully re-gaining my hope and some perspective. After I return I will be trying to elaborate how I and, I think, other people who take Jesus’ teachings more serious perceive the current state of affairs. I hope to especially share my views and not just preach but share my reasoning. Also been doing some planning for the very first study group over at Abiding Ways. A weekly lesson plan based on some study material that is also available in print, tho buying something isn’t mandatory. Stay tuned for more.

In the meantime, turn off the news after making notes on your quiet time talking with God…spend more time in the Gospels and truly go beyond reading and search Scripture (Acts 17 Acts 17:11 or look for a past post on the Berean Church) for yourself about what it all means to you personally, in your community and indeed in this world. It will restore your hope just as it has mine!

I’ll be back August 4 with a new weekly blog feature so stay tuned. Working on creating a newsletter/subscription so you know when I’ve posted too. In the meantime, I hope you’ll follow me on Facebook!

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