07 Nov

The Final Countdown (a “Been Thinking” post)

Sorry this is so late… life happens!

Tomorrow is the end of the bad dream that has been the election season in the United States. Praise the Lord, right? In all my 63 years, most of which I have participated in the process, I have never seen a more contentious, ugly, and negative representation of “We, the people”!!! That’s saying quite a bit because I’ve seen some pretty nasty stuff.

That being said, I hope you engaged, or will engage tomorrow. You registered, right? IMHO if you’re sitting this one out, or just never bothered-you have no room to complain!

Some time ago, at the beginning of the (too long) process, I wrote about what I thought Jesus might do regarding this awesome responsibility we have as employers of those who govern us. I went through some of the characteristics that Jesus mentioned in what is of called the BE-attitudes ( Matthew 5:1–12). These are also the traits I am basing my choices on, whether for president or the local school board election.

I was watching “60 Minutes” last night (full disclosure-hubby works in a technical capacity on that show for CBS) where one piece was about a pollster conducting a focus group with a mix of voters. About half way through I had to stop as the demeanor of those gathered quickly melted from civility to an angry mini-mob. Truthfully, I was near tears as this slice of Americana was so disturbing.

As a follower of Jesus, I’ve prayed a LOT the last week. I stopped commenting or posting on Facebook because of all the hostility. Even threats of uprisings and violent revolution! Plainly, I sought guidance about what the Word says…
In Romans 13:1-7  Paul taught that God had instituted human government as a restraining power, an agent of justice to bring punishment to wrongdoers. This is no blanket endorsement of every and any form of human government. It is, however, an astute observation. Any state, for its own self-interest, must be concerned with morality and moral order! If citizens lied and stole and murdered one another, the state would fall to enemies from outside or to corruption from within. Thus human government, for its own sake and not out of respect for God, serves as God’s agent in enforcing basic morality.
Christians are to recognize that the state (human government) has been ordained by God, and are to respect it as a divinely intended institution. Out of respect for God we are to pay taxes, show respect for those who govern, and in other ways be good citizens of the countries in which we live. (Richards, Larry, and Lawrence O. Richards. The Teacher’s Commentary. Wheaton, IL: Victor Books, 1987.)

In our own day, we have people who teach riot and rebellion in the name of Christ! They would have us believe that the Christian thing to do is to disobey the law, rebel against the authorities, and permit every man to do that which is right in his own eyes. (Wiersbe, Warren W. The Bible Exposition Commentary. Wheaton, IL: Victor Books, 1996.)

Based on the two passages mentioned (Matthew 5:1-12 and Rom. 13:1-7 ) I have made a conscious decision to vote for Hillary Clinton. My reasons? First, experience. Next, IMHO I believe she’s been the most scrutinized candidate EVER ….and while some claims may have a hint of truth, I genuinely believe she has the best interests of my country at heart. The other candidate? I have heard words out of his mouth that debase a wide variety of the populace (Hispanics, Muslims, the disabled, and of course, 1/2 the population-women) while Mrs. Clinton has dedicated much of her life to public service and yes, even stuck it out with an adulterous husband, Mr. Trump has innumerably more scandals, law suits, bankruptcies and marriages. He has despised any scrutiny attempted (first candidate in recent history to refuse to show his tax returns), while at the same time making a number of unfounded accusations against anyone who says anything about these things.

I suppose I could go on all night about why I think she’s the better candidate but I won’t. Ultimately, while I do believe (and hope and pray) she’ll be the victor, I trust God will, as Paul said, select the perfect candidate.

One last thing… my home church, LifeChurch, has showcased a message series on precisely this.  I hope you’ll check all of them out! Previous messages can be viewed by clicking here and Part 3 can be viewed anytime at http://live.life.church .

I was planning on doing something else but thought I’d share something we all need as Election Day arrives. So- Go to the Abiding Ways Facebook Page, join for access, then go to the FILES section.


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