02 Oct

Again, Still, YET…

I was going to talk about ethics and morality today BUT…

Got a call around 2AM from my brother. If you’re anything like me, a call at this time of night is very seldom a good thing. He called to let me know he was safe at home, as was my niece. You see, he works often on the Las Vegas strip! After the horrendous mass shooting that has, so far, left 50+ dead and 200+ injured as of this writing, I have no words! I am distraught, angry, frustrated and once again asking why, LORD-WHY????

I am not one of those “no guns” folks. Our laws permit citizens to own firearms. I’m ok with that. I’ve even owned a gun or two in my life. That being said, I am so sick and tired of our lawmakers, actively being lobbied by (and in the pocket of) the National Rifle Association. I realize this is a huge political issue but really? How many people have to die before the FEDERAL government does something constructive about sensible weapons regulation?

I’m not at all speaking about wholesale gun confiscation. Note that every major election, someone is saying their opponent is “Gonna take your guns”. Well, maybe some folks need their guns taken away. I’m talking about known criminals, domestic abusers, and those with mental health issues.

I’m also talking about uniform federal data to keep track of where guns are. I wouldn’t be opposed to a total ban on INTERNET-based gun and ammunition sales as well as a waiting period/background check. Lastly, how about totally unregulated gun sales/gun shows and private sales being watched a bit more?

Here in the NY/NJ area are some of the more restrictive gun regulations in the country, as is the Chicago area. Yet, shootings happen every day. How can that be? Well, adjacent states have more lenient laws about gun ownership, availability, and “open carry”. So, guns are purchased there and quickly and easily transported to other states for illegal sales and uses. My hope, in time is some common sense UNIFORMITY!

So, I hope you understand where I’m coming from.

The shooter was a white male, age 64 using a fully automatic weapon. That was how he managed to kill and injure so many. Think “machine gun”. The people affected were attending a music festival just having a good time. I get the impression from everything known at this time that he planned this in advance. Traveled from his home about 100 miles from Las Vegas, got a room right where he could do damage. Again, I’m confronted with WHY!

Truthfully, I am not sure we’ll ever know what was going on in this man’s mind and heart. We’ll never know how he managed to acquire what has been described as a “cache” of weapons. Considering that this guy was the same age I am, it baffles me.

… maybe I DID talk about ETHICS and MORALITY— and whether our country is really a “Christian nation”.

“When all that is good falls apart,
what can good people do?”
The LORD is in his holy temple;
the LORD sits on his throne in heaven.
—Psalm 11:3–4


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