22 Oct

Adventures in Computing (-and an apology)

To those who have become frustrated waiting for the next post about studying Romans-I am SO SORRY!!!

After what I thought was a routine update, I restarted as requested and well, my desktop decided to go into a never-ending loop of “Automatic Repair”.  After trying an abundance of potential fixes, the last thing to do was the dreaded format c:\  and a total re-install of Windows, applications and all those things that we need on our computers for living the life!

Fine-so here I am on my laptop now while I need to do it all again!!! Because— at first I thought it was a bad program I installed, and hadn’t thought about it being the updates at all!

Again, please forgive… the best part is that laptop IS working well enough until such time as I get things working again.

Remember this… GOD has it, no matter what the trial may be.

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