11 Dec

The Hurrier I Go…

I am so very sorry for being out of commission for the past couple of weeks.  We have a new family member who has kept me pretty busy and away from you all!

Add to that, the holiday preparation is ON… and tomorrow is the first night of Chanukah around here.  While we don’t go all out, I do get out the menorah, shine it up and light the candles for eight days. It’s also when I add the holiday touches around the home place.

We don’t celebrate big around here. My beloved unbeliever aka “the Grinch of Shearwater” is not big on Christmas OR Chanukah. So I celebrate on my own and set out a few favorite decorations.

My grandson may also be hanging out here over the coming weekend and Chester has his first vet appointment! Yes, the new addition is another fur baby! 

And so, with all this happening I have yet to sit down and write the second part of the super-mini overview of Romans.

However, it IS coming! I just wanted to check in with you and let you know what’s up. I have also been considering my goals and vision for the coming year and for this blog. It’s scary because I’ve already been given my “One Word” for this year! Stay tuned for that one!

I do want to thanks all of you who check in here. I hope to re-do my social media availability and welcome any suggestions!  Enter in the comments.

In the meantime…

Hope you'll share with others!

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