14 Feb

I Didn’t Know There Would Be a Test!

Hello and happy 2018!

Hard to believe it’s been over six weeks since my last post but alas it’s been pretty “viral” around here the last month or so. Truthfully, I’m still not feeling like myself but I AM feeling a bit better! Prayers gratefully appreciated!

In my last post I shared my “One Word” for the year-ENDURANCE!

Since then, it seems the Lord decided to see how sincere I was about making me stronger in this area! For the first couple of weeks in January, hubby and I kept swapping our cold germs. To make matters more difficult, we are training our new addition, Chester, to potty outside and for most of that time the weather has been truly frigid! I mean BELOW FREEZING, biting, windy cold. Needless to say we soon opted for paper training until at last, it was a bit warmer. Thankfully, he’s gotten it down for the most part! Getting treats after doing his business always helps!

THEN a few weeks ago we had what may be described as a “water emergency”. The garbage disposal water was disposing right into where the washing machine drains—and thankfully our water alarm alerted us. The “enduring” aspect? We forgot we had a water alarm and thought it was our fire/CO2 alarms! If you’ve ever had one go off for no apparent reason, you know how aggravating it can be to get it to stop! Frantically, my poor beloved dismantled them!!! And still the thing blared! Eventually, we figured out what was going on and stopped the blaring annoyance! BUT now we couldn’t figure out where the water was coming from! After mopping up and pulling the stacked washer/dryer unit out of the tight space that is our “laundry closet”, I went back to after-dinner clean-up and AHA! We realized that the problem was a blocked drain. It now being two hours later-and not able to do anything about it. We just left things as they were and prepared to contact the maintenance folks in the a.m.

But wait-THERE’S MORE! It took the guys about 3 hours to successfully unblock the blockage so the water didn’t back up anymore. Great, now I can get back to doing laundry-NOT! To make this saga a bit shorter, after all the jostling of the w/d unit, it seems it also sprung a leak SO more mopping up and now to call the appliance repair person. Keep in mind, this workhorse is 20+ years old! After a few days of mulling it over and a few other adventures (like trying to slide the darn thing in and out of the “closet”, repairing a gap that prevented smooth sliding and a few other things) we decided it was time for a new washer/dryer.

And so, we shopped. At first selecting a unit very much like the one we had. This task including measuring multiple machines just to make sure it would fit in our designated space. My only criteria was that it wasn’t one of those dinky “undies only” washers.  Have I tired you out yet?  Just wait…

After arranging the purchase and delivery of the new machine, hubby was still shopping around cruising the web as we are wont to do. And EUREKA! He found something even better! So back to the store, cancelling one and ordering another (a pretty nice one too. Like those I’ve heard are quite popular in Europe-Washer/dryer “all in one”) . Needless to say, being the “head of laundry” I was a bit skeptical but finally said why not! All is well-almost. It was actually originally due yesterday but now-not for another TEN days. Thankfully we are just two-with a collective bounty of clothing.  So, until then-it’s laundromat for us.

Ok… so what is the point? All through this “mini test” of enduring annoyances I prayed! And I have and am enduring!

A Holy Time

Today is commonly called Ash Wednesday. Especially so in the Catholic tradition, and marks the beginning of the Lenten season. While not a biblical time, it IS a time that prepares us for Resurrection Day (April 1). It has been my practice to give something up that hinders my walk and mission-and this year it is once again TV. More specifically it’s “daytime television” and “news”. Being socially and politically aware , I find myself often upset with what I hear and see going on in the world and especially with my government. Honestly, I think it affects my relationship with God as well as my faith walk with Jesus to the point where it takes up time that could be spent more wisely…. like writing here!

This year I’m also going through a book called “Signs of Life” by Pastor David Jeremiah. It’s an older book I’ve had around for awhile but never got around to working. It has 40 days of devotions so fits right in with this season, too. Essentially, it tells of ways to get “back to the basics of authentic Christianity”. Sometimes a re-set is a good thing.

All that being said, while I hoped to continue the Romans teachings/study, the Lord is taking me in a different direction for now. It WILL happen but not until after Holy Week.  In the meantime I’ll be sharing some of the “basics” I’m studying, reflections on daily readings from “Signs of Life” as well as from “Lenten Grace: Daily Gospel Reflections” … a Logos freebie.

Thanks so much for your patience and YOUR endurance during this unplanned hiatus!

As I have chosen to not watch the news until hubby got home I didn’t know the full extent of the latest school shooting. Please pray for the victims and their families! Pray that some day our leaders will choose to stop this carnage. I’ll be writing more on this once I stop being angry!

Hope you'll share with others!

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