03 Apr

Post Lenten Post ๐Ÿ™„

Hello, and welcome back! It sure is good to break the silence! As you may know, for Lenten season I stopped writing, posting, watching daytime TV (especially political news) and spent the time in relative silence. When hubby was home-I DID watch TV but also spent time reading, reflecting and renewing my spirit.ย  Truly there is much to be said for being still and surrounding ones self with silence!
Sadly, the noise of everyday living, at least for me, can often muffle God’s voice. While I can’t say I ever heard an audible – well, prayer and Scripture reading and journaling granted me a bit of clarity and guidance going forward in this year.ย  Most of all, this time away gave me the “R’s” – Repentance, Renewal, Revival, Reflection and last but not least Resurrection!

There is much to be said for sitting and just musing at the snow, praying,ย  thinking out loud…. and yeah… I admit I sometimes respond to my own questioning ๐Ÿ˜Š!

Anyway, some things I’ve come up with:

I need/want to re-design the entire AWM site while maintaining this blog. I will start requesting guest bloggers. If you want to write a post-email me (ย servant1@abidingways.org ). I’m open to most any topic having to do with biblical topics including social justice and Bible literacy as well as series or group of posts on any subject. Just send me a sample and maybe we can work together!

On Thursday we will begin the chapter by chapter exploration of Romans.ย  Want to catchย  up? Re-read these: Intro Part One Part Two

Hope to see you then! Oh… and Happy Easter Monday! He is risen INDEED!


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